Case Study: Monster Technology Helps Marijuana Cultivator Increase Efficiency While Complying with State Regulations

The legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in recent years has skyrocketed cultivation of the product. The multibillion-dollar industry is growing millions of pounds of marijuana annually and production is only expected to increase in the coming years. The rapid expansion is not without its share of operational and regulatory challenges.

Within the US and Canada, legal marijuana businesses must comply with state or provincial-mandated “seed to sale tracking” for their cultivation operations. This includes accounting for plants, plant materials and harvested waste. Part of these regulations also defines specific waste disposal requirements. The disposal methods often include grinding up marijuana waste and blending it with non-marijuana waste like soil or cardboard.

Strategies for maintaining compliance are something companies like Matrix NV, LLC, a large marijuana cultivator in Southern Nevada, have had to figure out. Matrix NV has been at the forefront of the recreational and medical marijuana boom since its inception in 2014.

“As our operations grew it was difficult to get rid of all of this waste with a woodchipper”

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