Video: Use Chicken Manure as Feedstock for Digestion or Fertilizer

Grind Chicken Manure to Use as Feedstock

Monster Industrial Shredders can help you reduce energy costs by grinding chicken manure to use for digestion or fertilizer. The Industrial Shred series makes it easy to shred tough solids, decrease particle size and optimize performance.

When feeding a digester, bedding recovery system, centrifuge or composting, it is important to have a uniform feedstock without unwanted solids. JWC grinders are used to ensure that everything is cut down to size and will not clog or damage downstream pumps and processing equipment. Additionally, grinding of the manure feedstock will increase the surface area of the materials and can improve the efficiency of the systems digestion or composting systems.

Watch how this Monster Industrial Grinder preconditions chicken manure so it can be processed into fertilizer or used as a feedstock in a digester to create biogas, or click this link to view it in our video library.