Industrial Wastewater Treatment Process Overview

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Process Overview – Grinders, Screens & Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

Every industrial wastewater treatment application is unique. It has its own set of variables that make having an experienced process designer an absolute necessity. However, there are some general patterns that are followed in industrial wastewater process design.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Wastewater flows off the production floor and into some sort of collection basin. From there it is screened to remove any coarse or heavy solids that could damage process pumps. Proper screening helps reduce chemical consumption, protects process pumps, and lowers operational costs.
  2. After passing through the screening equipment, wastewater is collected and blended together to form a homogenous solution. This is called Equalization and will take place in an EQ tank.
  3. From the EQ tank, wastewater is pumped into a pipe flocculator for chemical addition. Dosing pumps meter pH reagents, coagulants, and flocculants into the flocculator to help agglomerate solid materials into large, floatable flocs.
  4. Water then flows into a Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)  where the physical separation takes place. Sometimes the DAF process designer opts for a plate pack DAF system and other times for an open tank DAF unit.  This process is highly dependent on things like solids loading in the waste stream as well as the available space for the equipment.   When each DAF system is used is an interesting discussion – you can read more here.
  5. Separated solids are skimmed out of the top of DAF system as sludge. Depending on the nature of the removed solids, various sludge management options are considered.
  6. Clarified water flows out of the DAF unit onto further processing or for discharge.

dissolved air flotation industrial wastewater treatment process flow diagram

JWC Environmental has a variety of products to help all the way through the wastewater treatment process.  For the Pre-Screen step above, JWC offers IPEC internally-fed, externally-fed and static sidehill screens.  The IPEC screening equipment removes solids from wastewater for solids recovery or to protect downstream equipment from large particles.

For the Flocculator and DAF Unit steps above, JWC offers FRC F-Series Flocculators which can be part of the FRC DAF systems.  JWC has installed hundreds of screens and DAFs for a variety of industrial wastewater treatment.  With our experience, we can design a system for your process that removes solids, keeps odor to a minimum and has the right chemical formulation.

Finally for sludge management, JWC offers sludge grinders, sludge belt filter presses,  and sludge thickeners to help you process sludge waste.

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