4-HYDRO gets Canadian Energy Plant Ready for Boom in Business

Suncor Energy Gets a Big Boost With JWC Environmental’s Monster Waste Processing Grinders

Who is Suncor? Suncor is a world leader in mining and extracting crude oil from the vast oil sands deposits of Alberta, Canada. As conventional supplies are depleted in Canada, the oil sands offer an increasingly important energy source, already 34% of Canada’s daily petroleum production.

Why the sudden need for Monsters grinders? Suncor recently spent $3.25 billion to expand their extraction production, and with that, they became the lowest cost oil producer in North America. *Cue the flood of new customers*. 

In the past, the bits of plant life would cause pumps to plug in the extraction facility, thereby creating problems throughout the production line. At current oil prices, ten minutes of downtime would cost Suncor over $50K in lost production. It was vital that new equipment incorporated into this project would grind materials to a size that would not plug the pumps.

Business is on the rise and Suncor looked to JWC for a solution to keep their pumps clog-free and running smoothly. They chose three 4-HYDRO-I processing grinders and with the help of JWC’s custom solutions, they were able to incorporate them into their current equipment!

Inline Industrial Grinder

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