Case Study: Muffin Monster Protects Spanish Biogas Facility

Muffin Monster protects pumps, enhances productivity in biogas application

Biogas feedstock can be made up of a wide range for organic materials found in the local industry and environment.  Often time organic feedstock is comprised of mixed waste and even include unexpected debris  like large, tough pieces of inorganic debris such as metals and plastics. This inorganic material, if left uninhibited, can clog the pumps and pipelines within the anaerobic digester systems and cause the process to breakdown.

In 2013, a biogas facility in Catalonia, Spain was experiencing these very problems. The mixed organic waste coming to the plant had hard inorganic solids that were never expected in the planning stages.  They worked with Protech Continental, the exclusive JWC Environmental distributor in Spain, to devise a long-term solution that would precondition the biogas feedstock and keep the biogas system running smoothly.


Low production and high maintenance in biogas production facility.  Loads of organic feedstock contained inorganic solids including bolts, plastics and rope that caused excessive wear on progressive cavity pumps.


30004-B150 Muffin Monster from JW Environmental


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