Case Study: Sewage Grinders Fighting Wipes at Wonderland Pumping Station

Monster Sewage Grinders never back down in the fight against tough wipes pump clogs!

Problem: Clogged pumps and reweaving of materials from flushable wipes

Solution: Wipes Ready Channel Monster Sewage Grinders

Dealing with tough debris and clogged pumps and pipes in sewage systems are significant and costly issues for many municipal public works departments. These problems are escalating in many places the world over due to the growing popularity of flushable wipes products.  Compounding the situation are aging facilities and a lack of funding for sewer and utility systems to upgrade pumping systems and install sewage grinders. These issues can cost extensive amounts of downtime and capital due to frequent maintenance, equipment repairs and unscheduled shutdowns.

The City of London, Ontario, was recently facing all these problems at one of their sewage pump stations where flushable wipes were overwhelming.

“We were having an insurmountable amount of rags weaving in our wet wells.”

The city’s operations and maintenance department staff wanted a solution that was reliable, effective and easy to maintain.  They turned to JWC Environmental for help where they found the Channel Monster sewage grinders.  Outfitted with the latest Wipes Ready technologies they were hoping for a home run.

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