JWC IPEC Screens Reducing Water Usage & Minimizing Costs in Poultry Plants

Ways to Reduce Water Use – Improve Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment with IPEC Drum Screens

One of the ways to reduce water use at a poultry processing plant and improve industrial wastewater pretreatment efficiency is to replace old primary and secondary drum screens with high efficiency, water saving IPEC screens. IPEC IFO wastewater screens are great for primary screening, effectively removing process water from offal (meat and feathers). IFU and IFS screens excel at secondary screening where flow rates are higher and solids loading is lower. The design of these screens and their slow speed operation reduces water usage, increases solids discharge dryness and minimizes blinding.

JWC | IPEC IFO, IFU and IFS Internally Fed Drum Screens are flexible in design to fit into your existing infrastructure, saving you time and money!

Benefits and Features

  • Drum screen stays cleaner and requires less water pressure
  • Fast liquid removal to minimize investment and maximize throughput
  • Built rugged for reliable performance

To learn more about the benefits of JWC|IPEC screens, click here for the Poultry Offal Screening Brochure!