Industrial WaterWorld Puts the Spotlight on JWC Monster Industrial Grinders

“Municipal wastewater treatment operators bear the brunt of the toughest waste — from wipes to rebar, whatever “shouldn’t” be in the wastewater stream invariably is, and it ends up blocking pumps, screening equipment and pipelines along the way. Operators are then faced with the time-intensive and costly task of pump rebuilds and unscheduled maintenance, along with total system shutdowns to deal with the debris clogging their equipment.

Some of these issues can be mitigated by looking at opportunities for waste reduction outside the immediate municipal pump station or treatment plant facility. Point-of-source handling not only benefits the business employing the technology by preventing pipe and sewer backup but also alleviates headaches for municipal treatment plant operators within their facilities. In fact, when local businesses work directly with their municipalities to devise a time-saving, cost-effective waste reduction solution, everyone wins.

Pilot Flying J is one such company working with local municipalities on a reliable waste reduction solution for both their truck stop locations and local pump stations. The end result is a predictable, one-size-fits-all solution that stops even the toughest debris in its tracks.”

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