Case Study: Monster Stops Clogs in Biomass Conversion Process (Renmatix)

Renmatix – They’re the first company in the world to successfully demonstrate the conversion of woody biomass into sugars using a supercritical water process. After several years of operation, Renmatix has proven its process is reliable and that’s attracting lots of industry attention, including a new partnership and investment from BASF, one of the world’s largest chemistry companies.

One key component to Renmatix’s innovative process is a Monster Industrial dual-shafted shredder from JWC Environmental. The slow-speed, high-torque shredder is used as a delumping system – blocks of compressed wood chips are ground down into smaller particles so the material can be slurried and pumped into the next stage.

“We’re happy with JWC’s flexibility and fast pace in responding to our requests. We’re also excited we found a solution off the shelf that’s already proven in many other applications.”  – Mike Simard, Renmatix’s Director of Engineering

JWC is always excited to be a part of new and innovative ways to improve & ease procedures and of course the bonus…. yielding cost savings  & increased profits.

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