Monster Keeps Disposable Wipes at Bay in Billerica, MA

Monster Keeps Disposable Wipes at Bay in Billerica, MA

Massachusetts was facing a too familiar problem these days: Disposable Wipes clogging pumps during storms and maintenance!

Sound familiar?   They found their solution in JWC’s CDD4016 Channel Monster with a Wipes Ready upgrade. When one of Billerica, Massachusetts‘ largest pump stations, Brown Street Pump Station, faced the influx of disposable wipes, their routine cleanings spiked from 3x a week to 3x a day!

“Dealing with wipes has been nothing but a nightmare,” said Mike McCaughey, collections supervisor for Billerica.

They made the call to their local rep and since the installation of the Channel Monster with the Wipes Ready technology, the need for daily pump maintenance has been eliminated. Maintenance crews no longer have to take time away from planned projects in order to service the pumps at Brown Street and manually remove the clogs and ragballs from the equipment.

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