Case Study: Monsters Keep Station Pumping Wastewater During Storms in Scotland

Channel Monster Sewage Grinder Keeps Station Pumping Wastewater in Storm

Over the last few years, Mosside has experienced an increased volume of flushable wipes, rags and solids. However, the debris became especially problematic during heavy storms, as the material would lead to pump blockages and cause sewage to overflow in and around the pump station. This required the Scottish Water operators to attend the site on a regular basis but the volume of rags was so heavy that there were safety concerns for the operators who had to manually remove large amount of debris from the below grade Mosside station.

The Scottish Water team needed a solution to keep this station pumping wastewater when the conditions were are their worst.

After consulting with their design engineers, they raised the levels of the wet well walls and access flooring to accommodate high-capacity periods and installed two JWC Environmental Channel Monsters, each on a guide rail system to facilitate easy installation.

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