Case Study: Grinder Keeps BioTown Ag Farm’s Waste-to-Energy Facility Profitable

Grinder helps Waste to Energy Facility produce Biogas from Manure More Efficiently

To see the future of sustainable farming, the industry should look no further than BioTown Ag, whose waste to energy facility now creates biogas from manure. To meet their sustainability goals, BioTown incorporated an anaerobic food waste and manure digester to convert waste into biogas, fertilizer and soil amendments.

At BioTown, clogs within the chopper pumps were occurring every few days, which required a complete shutdown of the digester. The clean-out and rebuild tasks associated with getting the digester running again were both unpleasant and potentially hazardous.

After conducting research on available solutions, BioTown purchased a 3-HYDRO-IX from the Monster Industrial division of JWC Environmental. The grinder was installed into the pipeline that flows into the feedstock mixing tank. Since the installation, the BioTown maintenance crew hasn’t had to manually unclog the pumps, and the farm has purchased a second Monster grinder to keep up with increased capacity.

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