JWC Sponsors WEF Webinar on New Tech for NonDispersibles

WEF E-Showcase Webinar
What Role Does New Technology Play 
in Resolving the NonDispersibles Issue?

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Thursday, June 11th • 1-2PM Eastern

The challenge of dealing with nondisperisble wipes and debris in sewage pump stations is growing larger. More pump stations around the world are clogging with nondispersibles and they are clogging more often. The maintenance costs and safety burdens associated with deragging pumps is a growing problem. How can agencies respond?

This presentation describes a three prong approach to solving the wipes challenge. Public education and more dispersible wipes are crucial, and there’s a third important solution – new technology inside pump stations and headworks. Sewer agencies need new machines designed to handle fibrous material, prevent it from clogging pumps and get it out of the way of sewer professionals and out of the system.

This webinar will features three experts on wipes and sewer system design:

  1. Josh Dragon, PE, Manager, Jensen Pumps – Josh will describe how new pump stations are designed so they’re wipes ready.
  2. Alec Mackie, Marketing Manager, JWC- Alec will describe how retrofitting older pump stations with grinders and screens is helping sewer systems run more reliably.
  3. Kevin Bates, Global Marketing Director, JWC – To wrap-up, Kevin will describe new grinding and screening technologies designed to resolve the wipes challenge once and for all.
  4. Finally, an open question and answer period where you can learn more from the panel of experts.

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Here are sample slides from the presentations:



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