Shredding Technology Minimizes Midstream Flow Challenges

Monster Industrial shredders were featured in Pumps & Systems Magazine

Proper grinding and removal of waste and debris from the production stream are two of the most important steps to maintaining an efficient and reliable oil refining operation. Debris accumulation can cause damage to the pipeline and pumps as well as create safety hazards for operators who must clear the waste by hand after it clogs the pipeline.

Incorporating a waste grinder within a midstream application, however, can help eliminate debris, maintain proper flow rates and minimize costly downtime and wasted energy. Specifically for bitumen processing, bits of plants and other organics extracted from the oil sands cause a great deal of wear and tear on the production pipelines. A proper waste grinder offers both a reduction solution for those materials, along with the elimination of the safety concerns posed by clogged pipelines and manual unclogging. With the proper grinding technology at the right location, oil extraction and refinery efforts can proceed without the stress of equipment failure.  Get the rest