Hairs the Thing: JWC Research Article on Sewer Rag Balls is Published in WE&T Magazine

JWC’s R&D engineers spent the summer of 2014 mixing rags, hair and greases inside our large demonstration pump station at our Santa Ana manufacturing site. The results of how wipes weave together was amazing.

Inside the pond, the team added a preset amount of hair to the ground material to recreate what is found typically in wastewater. In later tests, grease also was added. However, the team discovered hair is the key catalyst for promoting long strips to knit together and create stronger debris balls. The team also discovered any long strips would congregate in corners of the swirling pond and — once a catch point was added — start to knit together with hair to form a rag ball.

The article was featured in the March 2015 edition of WE&T.