‘A Bunch of Malarky’ – Seattle Calls on Wipes Makers to Prove Claims

A scathing press release from the Seattle Public Utilities notes “most ‘flushable’ products are no such thing.”

The press release is warning customers that what they flush may soon lead to higher sewer fees. All because people are choosing to flush debris and wipes down the toilet rather than throwing them into the trash can.

The SPU spokesperson notes…

Don’t believe those ads promoting so-called “flushable” products that can supposedly be safely disposed of in your toilet. For the most part, the claims are a bunch of malarkey. Even products advertised as “flushable” cause problems in the sewer, as they do not easily break down.

Powerful words from an agency struggling with a costly, smelly and dangerous problem.

The press release details the problems at one sewage lift station in particular – pump station no. 9 along the shores of Lake Washington. According to SPU about 50% of the maintenance costs associated with caring for this station are spent on clearing out clogs. And the work of clearing clogs is disgusting and dangerous for the workers involved.

Worse, if the clogs are not cleared then sewage will overflow into beautiful Lake Washington and harm Seattle’s environment.

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