‘Don’t Use the Toilet as a Trash Can’ Warns Nixa, MO

The sewer system manager for Nixa, Missouri invited the local television crew down to a problem lift station to view the problem with wipes firsthand.

You get enough of them they’ll bind the pumps up and make them overheat and not pump.

Wipes and other debris are clogging the lift station and requiring sewer workers to clean out the pumps every few weeks. They used to clean the pumps every six months.

The sharp-eyed TV reporter noticed package labeling was a problem. Many of the baby wipes lacked the clear “do not flush” label and when the reporter tried to break the baby wipes apart found they were really tough to tear. Even worse, some of the products were using terms such as disposable. So does disposable =  flushable? “Clear as mud,” says the reporter.

Watch the report from KY3 >