Wipes Ready® Technologies Introduced

Wipes Ready® Technologies were added to JWC’s grinders to address the problems caused by disposable wipes and rags.

Pump ragging has been a problem known to wastewater treatment operators for many years. In the early 2000’s the frequency and severity of the issue started to increase at an exponential rate.  The cause was the commercial success and rapid growth in the use of disposable wipes uses for personal hygiene, cleaning, and infant care.  These wipes are being flushed into sewage systems that are not designed to handle these resilient pieces of plastic.

As a response to this new sewage challenge JWC’s engineers developed a suite of Wipes Ready® technologies for our Muffin Monster® technologies for our Muffin Monster and Channel Monster® products. These patent pending improvements are designed to shred down wipes into small enough pieces so they will not reweave into ragballs in sewage systems.  While conventional two-shafted grinders will make long stripes out of wipes that reweave into ropes, the Wipes Ready Technologies leave small pieces that stay in suspension and easy to handle by traditional sewage pumps.  The smaller pieces are then removed at the headworks of the wastewater treatment facility.

This technology advancement has been a huge win for collection systems operators as well as private commercial property managers who have been fighting the wipes problems. All have seen a dramatic decrease or full elimination of pump clogs related with disposable wipes.