Canadian TV Reporter Steps Into Steaming Dumpster of Sewer Trash to Conduct Interview

Chain & Rake Monster

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto does a great job interviewing Canadian sewer professionals for a news report about their struggles with mountains of sewer debris. You can actually see several of JWC’s Chain & Rake Monster screens during the TV report. The Durham Regional Council uses Chain & Rake Monster bar screens and Screenings Washer Monster compactors at several of their treatment plants.

The fearless CBC reporter Lorenda Reddekopp actually climbs into a dumpster full of screenings to get a look at all the trash and debris people flush down their toilets. The screenings actually look pretty clean – that’s because the Screenings Washer Monster puts the rags and wipes through a six-stage cleaning process – grind, wash, screen, wash again, compact and dewater.  The cleaned screenings are then dropped into the dumpsters shown in this TV interview.

“Toilets are not garbage cans,” said Barry Orr, from the municipal enforcement sewer use group. “This material should be going into the garbage can. It makes a big difference on our wastewater system, on our tax dollars and on our environment too.”