“If a product clears the toilet bowl, it’s flushable.” WRONG!

“The average consumer believes if a product clears their toilet bowl, it’s flushable,” said Jamie Rosenberg, a Chicago-based household and personal-care analyst for Mintel. “People in their homes have no idea what’s going on downstream.” quote from Bloomberg news.

But as sales of these “flushable” wipes go up so do the repair costs, health hazards and frustrations of wastewater treatment facilities across the nation. This pandemic is beginning to rise to high-level news.

Flush-Defying Wipes Bedevil Cities as Sewers Surrender

“Only in the past decade have grownups seized upon moist “flushable” wipes similar to those that clean baby bottoms, a product that has become a prized asset in a flat market. Accelerating sales are demonstrated inside the world’s sewers, where tons clog equipment. From New York to London, the hygiene fad costs governments millions of dollars a year.

As profit drive collides with the public’s interest in functional wastewater infrastructure, officials are discussing regulation and how to assess the cost of ungunking the system.”

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