WEFTEC 2014: New Monsters, New Solutions – There is a Better Way to Fight Wipes

JWC Environmental
WEFTEC Booth 4729
New Orleans
September 29 – October 1

This year JWC is heading to WEFTEC in New Orleans with several new Monster solutions to help collection system managers and treatment plant managers deal with the exploding problem of wipes and debris getting flushed down the drain. There is a better way. Protect your pumps and protect your people with JWC’s new wipes ready Monster grinders.

The problems caused by wipes and debris are astounding: across the country hundreds of millions of dollars in damage; sewer pumps clogging daily in some towns; and the wipes market may keep growing by 16% per year. The problem is only getting worse.

Stop by JWC’s booth #4729 to learn about:

  1. How sewage is changing
  2. JWC’s strategy for fighting wipes – Capture. Cut. Remove.
  3. Optimized Cut Control* helps sewer pumps run reliably 24/7
  4. Our Delta-P* system makes Monster grinders more efficient and effective
  5. JWC’s support of wipes public outreach and research – what’s happening in the industry!
  6. Do you have questions about wipes? Click here to ask a JWC Expert.

JWC Monsters on display:

  1. Macho Monster 40002 live grinder demonstration
  2. Channel Monster pump station grinder with new wipes ready cutters
  3. Muffin Monster in-line sludge grinders
  4. Come see the unveiling of our newest, most efficient Monster grinder

JWC’s knowledgeable sales managers will be on-hand to walk you step-by-step through our plan for dealing with wipes so they don’t clog your pump stations and treatment plant. Come see the strongest Monster grinders on the planet – ready to take a bite out of wipes and solve your town’s sewer crisis once and for all.

JWC's What Was That!? Contest

Plus stop by JWC’s booth #4729 to enter our What Was That!? Contest.
Make the correct matches of ground-up, sewer clogging debris and you could win a $400 Amazon gift card

See you in New Orleans!

*Patent pending technologies