Judge Asks Plaintiffs to Clean-up Flushable Wipes Class Action Lawsuit Before Proceeding

The judge in a San Francisco class-action lawsuit against wipes makers for causing plumbing blockages says the plaintiffs need to go back and adjust their arguments.

The judge also declined to get involved in deciding what “flushable” means.

According to U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton…

“Here, plaintiff has not alleged that the Scott Naturals product did not work as promised, or that her own pipes or septic system or her local waste water treatment plant was harmed by her use of the wipes,” Hamilton wrote. “Plaintiff has, however, alleged that she suffered economic harm because she would not have paid a premium for the Scott Naturals wipes had defendants not misrepresented the product as ‘flushable.’ Whether that was in fact a misrepresentation cannot be determined at this stage of the case, but the court finds that plaintiff has satisfied both Article III and statutory standing as to that one product.”

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