In the News: ‘Wipes Are Killing Us’ Reports Idaho Sewer System Worker

City officials in Burley, Idaho are asking their residents to think twice before they flush. Some of the wipes getting into the sewer system are non-dispersible cleaning wipes and they are clogging pumps and systems.

All wipes should be put in the trash. The crews are taking out big balls of the wipes, which can potentially back up the sewer system throughout a neighborhood. Hodge said another problem the crews deal with is caused by people washing grease down their kitchen sinks. – Dee Hodge, Burley’s Wastewater Superintendent

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Burley currently uses Bandscreen Monster finescreens in the headworks of the treatment plants. Sounds like they need Muffin Monsters to protect their pumps and people out in the sewer collection system!

A pair of Bandscreen Monsters in the headworks of the Burley, ID wastewater treatment plant.