Wipes Manufacturer and Greenpeace Discuss Flushable Wipes During Twitter Chat

During a Twitter chat on forest sustainability practices hosted by Greenpeace and Kimberly-Clark Corporation, one participant asked…

Are KC non-woven products aka flushable wipes blocking sewer systems and causing pollution?

The responses:

Kimberly-Clark: We make a number of cleansing cloths that are safe to be flushed. However, we also make wipes that should not be flushed. Kimberly-Clark produces flushable cleansing cloths under several brands: Cottonelle, Scott Naturals, Pull-Ups, U by Kotex and Poise. We also make baby wipe products under the Huggies brand that are not flushable. It’s important to read the label on all wipe products and use as directed. We subject our flushable wipes to a variety of tests to evaluate their compatibility with wastewater conveyance and treatment systems. Visit our website to see video of the testing and to learn more.

Greenpeace: In general, we think the world could do with fewer throw-away products. However, if millions of people want to buy them, it is important that what goes into them is sustainable. There are times when Greenpeace and K-C see things differently when it comes to disposables, but that does not get in the way of our collaboration to ensure the fiber they are buying is helping keep forests standing.