FAQ When Purchasing a Waste Grinder for a Ship Sewage System

How soon can we get the grinder?

Our team gets to work as soon as your order comes in. Six weeks is the standard turnaround time for shipment. It is possible to expedite a shipment after we’ve received your order. Our well-honed team of quality control inspectors ensures outstanding quality goes into every unit we make. Additional time may be required for add-ons or custom configurations.

How does the system mount on the ship?

Monster Industrial food waste shredders are adaptable to almost any circumstance with little or no modifications. Some choose to have an open hopper feed the shredder, others process their waste through an inline version. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best installation.

ABS approved?

Yes! The American Bureau of Shipping, ABS, gave JWCE design approval for our food waste grinder back in March 2012. View JWCE’s Certificate of Design Assessment

How often will it need service?

We are confident that our grinders will become your long-time partner in waste processing. To ensure its longevity, we recommend frequent inspection of your unit. Some of our customers inspect their units every time their ship docks or go through their overhaul. JWCE offers a simple and fast cutter exchange program to make cutter replacement easier.

Can I run it dry? Wet?

Both! Our mechanical seal cartridges provide liquid protection of the shaft bearings. No lubrication or flush water is required and they can run submerged or dry. Inline grinders are typically installed on the suction side of the pump and can handle pipeline pressures of up to 90 psi (6 bar). Our open hopper-fed grinders will shred rocks, clothing, plastics, bone and other debris at low-speed and high-torque.

Does it meet the revised MARPOL Annex V?

In a breeze. According to the newly revised regulation, Annex V, food waste must be ground down to a 1” (25mm) particle size or smaller. Our single-stage 3-SHRED grinders meet the 25mm standard with ease. If you’re looking to ensure an even finer grind, our dual-stage 3-SHRED grinders can macerate your waste down to a 3mm particle size.

What are my options for drives?

JWCE offers 3 or 5-HP electric motors or an exclusive hydraulic valve allowing the shredder to be plugged into the ship’s hydraulic power. JWCE offers controllers for domestic or international voltage.

What are the Materials of Construction?

The housings of our units are made of ductile iron, cutters and shafts are hardened alloy steel, and our mechanical seals consist of tungsten carbide faces. The sharp steel cutters go through JWCE’s exclusive process to achieve a Rockwell hardness of 60-65. The cutters are both through-hardened and case-hardened to ensure long service life. We also offer optional stainless steel cutters and housings as needed.