JWC Customer Fond du Lac Featured in TPO Magazine

Two Finescreen Monsters and two Screenings Washer Monsters at the Fond du Lac facility.

The Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility in Fond du Lac, WI featured in TPO magazine.

The facility has a pair of large Finescreen Monsters paired with two Screenings Washer Monsters. The perforated plate fine screens have 1/10″ (3mm) circular openings on stainless steel panels and can handle large flows of wastewater while removing several tons of unwanted debris. This includes taking out the debris that bar screens typically miss – such as condoms, plastics, hair, fruit stickers and more.

“Waste activated sludge comes back to the head of the primaries,” says Leonhard. “The primary and waste activated sludge are commingled, and the clarifiers have a thickening mechanism in the center well. The advantage is that the primary sludge helps settle the waste activated sludge, and we’re able to send material at 3.5 percent solids to the anaerobic digesters.” – John Leonhard, Plant Superintendent

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