Wastewater Treatment Plant in Indiana Gets a Grip on Grease Receiving

The Heavy Object Trap, helps this wastewater treatment facility turn grease into a renewable source of energy and get an immediate return on investment.

The wastewater treatment plant in West Lafayette, Indiana has grease in abundance and is making the most if it as a renewable energy source! In 2012, the plant received an average of 18,000 gallons (68,140 liters) of grease per month. Although grease deliveries are not always daily, they can get multiple deliveries in one day. In 2009, they installed a grease receiving station that would convey grease to digesters to produce even more methane for their microturbines.

“The JWCE HOT has significantly reduced the amount of debris being discharged into our grease tank,” says Jim Bjork, Maintenance Supervisor for the West Lafayette Wastewater Treatment Utility, “Our return on investment has been excellent!”

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