Think Before You Flush Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes are at it again.

The Reading Eagle and maintenance operators at wastewater treatment plants across the nation suggest you dispose of wipes in the trash can not the toilet.   As sales of these popular wipes go up so does your plumbing bill.   Plumbers are quoting from $200 – $400 per visit due to this deceiving product.  Not to mention wastewater treatment plants have spent over $3,000 to unclog their equipment each time!

Recently, the Muffin Monster was mentioned in an article written by the Reading Eagle, “Flushing disposable wipes spurs woes at home, sewage plants”.  Exeter Township Municipal Sewer Plant in PA boasts to be not impacted by the influx in clogging disposable wipes since they have a Muffin Monster working for them.

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