JWC Starts-up Bandscreen Monsters in Daxing, China

Four JWC high-flow/high-capture rate Bandscreen Monsters located at a wastewater treatment plant in China.

The high-capture rate Bandscreen Monster is proving to be extremely popular in China. We continue to install them in high-tech, advanced wastewater treatment plants throughout the country.

Our newest project is the installation and start-up of five Bandscreen Monsters and a Screenings Washer Monster in the City of Daxing, a suburb in the southwest corner of Beijing.

Bandscreen Monsters offers incredibly high capture rates and removes a wide variety of solids, particularly small debris, better than bar screens. These screen also offer 1mm screening – our smallest perforated screen size available. The result is influent wastewater free of unwanted debris.  The Bandscreen Monster will remove small plastics, condoms, cigarette butts and even hair – all materials that will clog downstream treatment systems.

Bandscreens received the highest screen capture ratings in the independent UK Water Industry Research testing of all screening devices. Bandscreen’s are frequently used at high-tech membrane bioreactor treatment facilities – where all debris large and small needs to be removed in order to protect the sensitive membranes.

In addition, Bandscreens use a unique screen design which allows the screento be installed in the channel at 90-degrees – straight up and down. This creates a very compact footprint for the screen and can make headworks buildings smaller and more efficient.

The equipment consultant on the project is IVY Canada with offices in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Beijing. IVY’s specialty is for project management, support and service for high-quality, stainless steel fine screens and powerful Muffin Monster sewage grinders.