20 Year Old Sewage Grinder!

Congratulations to Steve Pierpoint from Big Sandy, TN!

“No overhauls and running solid,” says Steve

Steve was randomly selected to win Grand Prize 2 – $240 gift card of your choice! Steve submitted a photo of their 20 year old, that’s right, 20 year old  30002 Muffin Monster. This unit has had no rebuilds needed!

Thank you, Steve for capturing this rare photo. This unit  was purchased September 17, 1993 and has been servicing the Big Sandy Wastewater Treatment Plant nonstop since. We are very happy that you have been enjoying this unit for as long as you have! And we hope you enjoy your $240 dollar gift card!  Happy shopping!

Looking for a trusty and loyal unit for your treatment plant?  Conatct us now! Find a unit that best suits your needs here!  As always, Trust Monster Quality.