We’ve Found The Oldest Monster Sewage Grinder!

Congratulations to Thomas E. Dingeman from the City of Greeley, CO, Water Pollution Control Facility!  You are our Grand Prize winner!  

“It’s been a real trooper,” says Tom about his 27 year old Muffin Monster, sewage grinder.

Tom has won a $500 gift card of his choice for his picture of the Oldest Monster Sewage Grinder submitted during the contest. The facility’s Muffin Monster sewage grinder has been in operation since 1986 and has only had to replace the cutter assembly once! That’s one time in 27 years!

Thank you Tom, for responding to our call to Catch The Oldest Monster Sewage Grinder.  We hope you enjoy your $500 gift card!

Interested in a reliable unit to help run operations smoothly at your facility?  Contact us! And find what Monster sewage grinder suits your needs.

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