Nashville (TN) Wastewater Agency Struggles With Flushable Wipes; Honey Monster Makes Cameo Appearance

WSMV Channel 4

Nashville’s channel 4 news took an in-depth look at the flushable wipes crisis in their city…

Wipes that make it in the Metro sewer system become an expensive nuisance, according to Sonia Harvat. Instead of dissolving, the wipes turn into a stringy mess that clogs equipment and causes about $100,000 worth of maintenance problems every year.

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JWCE’s Honey Monster septage receiving system makes a nice cameo in this news report. Somehow the camera man captured a shot of Nashville’s Honey Monster capturing, cleaning and drying rags and debris that are typically found in septage unloaded at the treatment plant by honey trucks. To be clear – these are rags and trash the Honey Monster REMOVED from the septage. None of this trash makes it past the Honey Monster and into the treatment plant.

Monsters are on the job in thousands of cities getting these troublesome wipes out of the way of sewer professionals!

septage receiving discharge

The Honey Monster septage receiving system in Nashville TN.  The photo from the news story clearly demonstrates how clean, compact and dry the Honey Monster can achieve with those captured rags and wipes. Only a Monster gets them this clean!