FAQ when considering purchase of a Zero Waste Monster (ZWM)

Zero Waste Monster (ZWM) Depackaging System
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ZWM depackaging system separate packaged goods?

The ZWM depackaging system uses the combination of a two-shafted grinder, helical screw, perforated screen and a compaction zone to separate liquids and solids waste. Incoming product or solids are shredded into smaller pieces creating additional surface area making washing and separation of liquids from solids much more effective. As an example, expired food packaging can be shredded and the contents separated from the package. The food contents are safely sent to the wastewater system while the cleaned metal packaging can be recycled.

What is the system’s capacity?

The ZWM depackaging system can be operated to a short term peak conveyance of solids of 234 ft3/h (6.63 m3/h). This rating can vary upon additional washing or separation of the depackaging product incorporated into run cycles.

What kind of discharge can I expect?

The advanced design of the Zero Waste Monster will produce the cleanest, driest depackaging plug possible. Most installations will see a highly compacted, 35 – 45% dewatered discharge however this is very much dependent upon the product processed. Due to variations in the content of the captured solids as well as loading variations, providing a number the ZWM can achieve at every site may vary. Contact Us to go over the successes in your application.

Can I run it dry? Wet?

Both! Our mechanical seal cartridges provide liquid protection of the shaft bearings. Our open hopper fed systems will shred metal containers, plastics, bone and other debris at low-speed and high-torque. JWCE grinders can be equipped with mechanical seals and the ZWM is armed with two 4-inch drains that can process 75 gpm each, 150 gpm total. Learn more about the Zero Waste Monster features and benefits!

What are the Materials of Construction?

The Zero Waste Monster comes standard with an AISI 304 stainless steel tank and the grinder is constructed of ASTM 536 ductile iron housings with alloy steel cutters and shafts. An AISI 316 stainless steel tank and 17-4 stainless steel cutters can be made available upon request, additional costs may be added. The helical screw is standard steel but can be made in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel.

What are my options for drives?

The system is equipped with electric motor drives. The helical screw is driven by a 3 HP motor, while the drive of the shredder can range from 5 HP to 25 HP.

Can the ZWM be made mobile so it serves multiple stations?

Yes! The Monster Industrial ZWM is adaptable to almost any circumstance with little or no modifications. The ZWM can be outfitted with a roller base allowing it to be relocated as needed at the plant or factory. This is also a benefit when performing any inspection or cleaning the system as it can be moved to a location allowing full access to the machine. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best installation to suit your needs.

How soon can we get the ZWM?

Our team gets to work as soon as your order comes in. Ten weeks is the standard turnaround time for shipment of standard configuration. It is possible to expedite a shipment after we’ve received your order. Our well-honed team of quality control inspectors ensures outstanding quality goes into every unit we make. Additional time may be required for add-ons, non-stock or custom configurations.