FAQ on Product Destruction Systems

Product Destruction System
Frequently Asked Questions

How does a product destruction system work?

A product destruction system is tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you are in need of shredding or destroying a product, for example, a bad batch from the production line, we offer a multitude of shredders, each with its own range of throughput, particle size and power. JWCE manufactures a series of shredders that can destroy or demolish manufacturing defects, waste products and sensitive documents through the use of two counter-rotating cutter stacks. The counter-rotating shafts and various cutter diameters along with multiple tooth profiles allow the grinders to effectively destroy almost any waste product that can be fed into the system. The largest system uses 10” (254 mm) diameter cutters with up to a 100 HP (74.6 kW) motor. Pharmaceuticals, packaged food, consumer products, golf balls and other unwanted items can be reduced to decrease volume and disposal costs.

Ask an Expert to find the best solution for your product destruction needs.

Do you have a product destruction system that separates the product from the packaging?

If you are looking to separate solids, our Zero Waste Monster is the most desirable solution for you. The ZWM uses the combination of a two-shafted grinder, helical screw, perforated screen and a compaction zone to separate liquid and solid waste in a standalone system. As an example, expired packaged foods can be shredded and the contents separated from their package allowing them to be safely sent to the wastewater system while the cleaned metal packaging can be recycled.  Download the Zero Waste Monster Datasheet!

What kind of discharge can I expect?

JWCE can provide tooth profiles to produce a course product that can be as large as 3” (76.2 mm) or as small as ½” (12.7 mm). If a dry discharge is a concern, the advanced design of the Zero Waste Monster will produce the cleanest, driest depackaging plug possible.

What if I have large objects that need to be reduced to a very small particle size?

It’s simple. JWCE produces systems with multiple grinders to fit a series of grinds. These systems would first grind the large object and then further reduce the product through a second grinder or even a third to achieve the desired particle size. JWCE has produced systems that can process a product down to .080” (2mm)! Contact Us to go over how to make your application a success.

Can I run it dry? Wet?

Both! Your system can be designed for either wet applications using a tungsten carbide mechanical seal or an economical lip seal design can be used for applications with little or no water. Our mechanical seal cartridges provide liquid protection of the shaft bearings. Check out our datasheet for the Monster Industrial SHRED Series.

Can they be made mobile so they serve multiple stations?

Yes! All custom-designed systems can be adaptable to almost any circumstance. Most units can be outfitted with a roller base allowing them to be relocated as needed at the plant or factory. This is also a benefit when performing any inspection or cleaning the system as it can be moved to a location allowing full access to the machine. Contact Us and we’ll help you find the best installation to suit your needs.

How soon can we get them?

Our team gets to work as soon as your order comes in. We can send you a rental unit as fast as two weeks while you wait for your system to be built. Ten weeks is the standard turnaround time for shipment of standard configuration. It is possible to expedite a shipment after we’ve received your order. Our well-honed team of quality control inspectors ensures outstanding quality goes into every unit we make. Additional time may be required for add-ons, non-stock or custom configurations.