Flushable Wipes Are Taking Over London Pipes

MSN Money recently posted an article on a 15-ton monstrous clog Londoners called a “fatberg”.  They described it to be the size of a double-decker bus!

Problem: Flushable wipes aren’t flushable!  They unfortunately aren’t designed to disintegrate as regular toilet paper does  thus wreaking havoc on your city’s sewage plant, it’s equipment and money pockets for that matter.

Solution: Monster Industrial. Our HYDRO grinders fit into wastewater channels and pump stations and reduce the size of “flushables” in a liquid solution. This protects downstream sewage pumps and valves. Therefore saving you money and more importantly saving your workers from unnecessary repairs and exposure to raw sewage. Grinding flushables and grease into small particles ensures sewage flows smoothly and reliably into the municipal sewer system.

Contact us to learn how Monster Industrial can save your system from the “Fatberg.”