Macho Monsters Protect Moonlight Beach Pump Station From Rags

Moonlight Beach pumping station in Southern California has a beautiful sandy beach just one block south and Cottonwood Creek just a few steps away so there is no room for wastewater back-ups and overflows.

To ensure the average daily flow of 1-million gallons of wastewater flows smoothly – no matter what comes down the sewer line – engineers from Kennedy-Jenks specified three in-line model 40000 Macho Monster grinders.

These big Monsters with 7-1/2″ (190mm) cutters and 16,200-lbs. (72 kN) of cutting force at peak loads cut through tough items in order to protect the pumps and ensure they run clog-free at all times.  The Machos easily take on clothing, rag balls, mop heads, tree branches and more.

“We’ve seen padded bras, underwear, bedsheets, boards, golf balls — stuff that one would never expect to find in the sanitary sewer system. This material really becomes a clogging obstacle to the pumps.” said Mike Thornton, General Manager, San Elijo Joint Powers Authority.