Maritime Academy Adds Powerful HYDRO Food Waste Shredder to Training Vessel

Monster Industrial MARPOL Wet and Dry Food Grinder Makes It Easy to Comply With MARPOL Annex V Regulations

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy near Cape Code recently purchased a 3-HYDRO, a MARPOL wet and dry food grinder to install on one of their training vessels. The grinder turns food waste, including tough-to-grind items such as steak and rib bones, into small 1” (25mm) or smaller particles. Food waste ground smaller than 1″ (25mm) can be discharged overboard in compliance with international MARPOL Annex V regulations. This Monster Industrial wet and dry food grinder has also been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping allowing it for use on any ocean-going vessel!

The USTS Kennedy is owned by the U.S. Maritime Administration and is used as a training vessel by the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. It is the type of ship the U.S. Government is outfitting with Monster Industrial HYDRO wet and dry food grinders to comply with MARPOL regulations.