Manure Digester Efficiency Improved by a HYDRO Manure Grinder

Read how Bridgewater Dairy improved their Manure Digester Efficiency

Using a manure digester for the production of electricity and reuse as cow bedding has become a very sustainable system for dairy farms.  The main Bridgewater Dairy facility, located in Montpelier, Ohio has successfully stayed on top of implementing green systems in line with EPA manure management regulations.  One of their green systems is a manure digester that converts cow waste into methane gas to produce electricity.  In order to protect their manure treatment system equipment and keep downtime to a minimum, they use Monster Industrial manure grinders!

“On average the HYRDO Grinder saves us about 20 hours of extra work a week.  The HYDRO Grinder keeps the presses running longer and there is less need to have to spend time with the screens,” says Bridgewater Dairy owner, Chris Weaver.

Learn how Bridgewater Dairy turned their manure processing into a profit.