A Mighty and Compact Monster Prevents Sewer Pump Clogs at Historic Monument

In early 2005 two new sewage handling pumps were installed at the Breakers Mansion, but they were no match for the wipes, rags and debris flushed down the toilets by tourists. After careful consideration, a 2-HYDRO-IX inline sewer grinder was purchase to rescue the overworked pumps from the demands they faced. The sewage grinder quickly solved the problem – the sewer pumps run trouble-free.

The Breakers, a National Historic Landmark, is the grandest of the “summer cottages” situated on the picturesque shoreline of Newport, Rhode Island. In 1893 Cornelius Vanderbilt II commissioned architect Richard Morris Hunt to design a villa to replace a home destroyed by fire. The result – a 70 room Italian Renaissance-style palazzo inspired by the 16th-century palaces of Genoa and Turin.

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