Grinding Our Way To The Top For 40 years!


What has four decades of cutting-edge technology? Globally known for powerful grinders? And leaves others green with envy? It’s the Muffin Monster of course! The wastewater industry’s most popular sewage grinder was built by JWC Environmental.

JWCE, a leading manufacturer of wastewater and stormwater treatment equipment, is celebrating 40 years of successfully meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing a wide range of wastewater solutions.

“For forty years, JWCE has been proud to provide solids reduction and removal solutions to the global wastewater treatment market,” said Ronald A. Duecker, JWCE’s President. “Each of our team members recognizes the importance of the environment and is committed to improving it for future generations to come.”

Invented by Joseph and Woodie Chambers in 1973 the Muffin Monster was the world’s first dual-shafted sewage grinder. The company was incorporated in California on May 4, 1973. Since then we’ve grown from a small family business started inside Joe’s garage at his home – to a global manufacturer with three manufacturing facilities in the U.S., one in the U.K. and one in China. We’ve also grown to 180 dedicated Monster team members.

We’ve invented 20 different Monster machines, available in over 200 different configurations and we assist customers in a range of industries from wastewater treatment to petroleum to food processing to recycling. With 70 product patents received over the last 40 years – JWCE has established itself as the leader in solids reduction and removal. We’re also the only wastewater manufacturer to win four Water Environment Federation Innovative Technology Awards.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our existing product offering as well as develop new technology to stay several steps ahead of stricter EPA regulations and greater customer expectations seen in today’s wastewater industry,” said Scott Kelly, JWCE’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “JWC welcomes these challenges to ensure we have the most advanced state-of-the-art products to offer our existing and new customer base.”


JWC Environmental pioneered several wastewater technologies, including these important milestones:

• 1973 – the first dual-shafted wastewater grinder, the Muffin Monster was invented.

• 1984 – we established full-service centers in Lancaster, PA and Norcross, GA. A few years later we consolidated our East Coast manufacturing and customer service facility in Buford, Georgia.  The Muffin Monster was on its way to becoming an industry standard.

• 1986 – Our R&D Engineers invent the Channel Monster high-flow grinder. As treatment plants grew larger, customers began asking for more flow capacity in our grinders.  This led our engineers to design a breakthrough and patented screening drum. Our largest Channel Monster model CDD9020-XDM2.5 can chew through 60 MGD (9,400 m3/h) of sewage and debris with no problem.

• 1996 – Our R&D team began looking closely at new ways to treat and remove solids from the waste stream to help treatment plants deal with an influx of rags and debris. Our invention – the Auger Monster – combines three of JWCE’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. It was our first all-in-one sewer screening solution and we continue adding more, new Auger screening systems. Our newest is the vertical Auger Monster screen for pump stations.

• 2000 – An aggressive year for JWC engineers as they developed the SWM washer/ compactor, a patented design to screen, wash and produce a high-quality discharge that can dispense directly into waste containers. The SWM-XE version was developed by incorporating features that were added to the SWM over the years. Later to complete the family, the SWM-XEM and SCM compactor were added. In the same year, the Honey Monster Septage Receiving Station came into play. The SRS featured MonsterTrak data acquisition to help facilities properly bill for the received septic waste.

• 2002 – JWC International manufacturing was established in Cheshire, U.K. With so many Monsters being sold around the world JWC Environmental jumped the pond and went global! Our U.K. manufacturing, sales and service center assists customers throughout Europe, Russia and Africa.

•  2003 – Monster Separation Systems was added to the JWCE product line. Our family of wastewater finescreens and bar screens provides customers with a complete, clean and automated headworks system. Monster Separation Systems combine high-flow fine screening with efficient and thorough screenings washing and compacting. Our complete MSS headworks system can also incorporate vortex grit removal systems.

• 2007 – We opened our Asia-Pacific operations in Hangzhou, China to assist customers in the growing Asia-Pacific region.

• 2012 – Our Monster Industrial Unit was created and we brought together a team of top shredding experts to focus on assisting our growing number of industrial customers. The popularity of the Muffin Monster grinder spread from the wastewater industry to the food processing, agricultural, marine, food and beverage industries and beyond. The division has already introduced two new Monsters – the massive 7-SHRED grinder for dry-shredding and trash grinding and the Zero Waste Monster™ – a depackaging and recycling system.

On this, our 40th anniversary, JWCE remains the wastewater industry’s gold standard for quality in sewage grinders, screens and engineered systems, and we continue to grow in new and exciting industries. Thousands of Muffin Monsters are in wastewater treatment plants around the world and can also be found on farms, in biofuel facilities, at petroleum plants, inside food waste processing systems, on fishing boats and more.


What’s the key to success?

The key to JWCE’s success is a great team of people and their passion. Starting with our Founders, Joseph and Woodie Chambers, JWCE has grown to a team of nearly 200. Every team member is dedicated and strives to meet or exceed customer expectations. JWCE is committed to the success of your project and is dedicated to providing the best customer service available.

Over the last 40 years, we have shipped 35,000+ Monster solutions worldwide.  We now specialize in the innovative design and production of grinders, separation systems and shredders for both municipal and industrial applications. JWCE has built one of the best distributor and representative networks in the industry providing local sales and service support through a global network of 50 international distributors, 40 American representative firms and 10 industrial distributors.