Monster Grinders Prevent Sewage Backups in Marine Sewage Systems

How to Prevent Sewage Backups in Marine Sewage Systems & Save Money

Monster Industrial Grinders are used in marine sewage systems to prevent pump clogs. It is amazing how unexpected things get into marine sewage treatment systems and can clog them up. If you have a powerful Monster Industrial grinder before the pump, it grinds down whatever may come, so the ground-up debris can flow harmlessly through the pumps. It runs 24/7 so clogs are a thing of the past. No more backed-up toilets, or sewage spills to worry about! Your customers and crew will thank you! Below is just one example of how Monster Industrial grinders are preventing sewage backups onboard Ferries in British Columbia.

The fleet of the BC Ferry Corporation, a Crown Corporation of the British Columbia provincial government, is gargantuan. In a typical year, its armada of 40 ships plies the waters of the Gulf of Georgia, ferrying a staggering 9-10 million cars and some 23 million passengers between Vancouver Island, the gulf islands, and the provincial mainland.

“Installing the 3-HYDRO-I on our ships was one of the best decisions our company could have made,” said Bob Ogston, Assistant Vice President for Technical Operations  “ It enabled us to improve service while lowering costs. We are definitely sold on them.”

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