Monster Sewage Grinder Makes a Presence in British Columbia

The Muffin Monster takes center stage at Radium Hot Springs’ wastewater treatment plant in British Columbia, Canada.

The Muffin Monster sewage waste grinder makes an appearance in The Columbia Valley Pioneer this week.  Greg Amos, a Pioneer Staff, reports on the Radium Hot Springs’  recent improvements to their wastewater treatment plant.

Significant upgrades to Radium Hot Springs’ wastewater treatment plant completed last October promise to save the village both money and headaches for years to come.
An overall $1.48 million upgrade to the plant, located adjacent to the Canfor mill and the Sinclair Creek Trails, included a $677,000 moving bed biofilm reactor —
essentially a churning cold-water cauldron that uses plastic beads to help cleanse the wastewater more efficiently. It’s the first time the German technology has been applied at a wastewater plant in B.C., said Radium public works superintendent Ken McDonnell.

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