Monster Grinders Called In During BP Oil Spill Clean-up

Monster Industrial Waste Grinders Protect Pumping System During Critical Oil Spill Marine Operations

In the first weeks of the BP oil spill, T&T Marine Salvage arrived on scene quickly to skim and recover oil near the site of the Deepwater Horizon sinking. The plan was for a skimmer boat brings oil to a T&T Marine OSV where it is pumped on board.   Then a setback – the pumping system on their massive offshore vessels ran into an issue when seaweed and trash started clogging pipelines and valves onboard the oil spill recovery ship.

To clear a clog we would need to shutdown the operation, dismantle everything and blow out the lines. We were down 2-3 hours each time – it was no good.

“We recognized there was a problem quickly,” said Mike Popa, a Response Manager for T&T Marine of Galveston, Texas, one of the nation’s leading marine response companies. “We had high-capacity hydraulic pumps attached to the arm of an excavator but on board the vessel the 4″ (100mm) pipeline valves would become clogged with seaweed, sticks and trash.”  The critical oil spill recovery operations needed a solution quickly to keep the pumping system running so a call was made for a JWC Monster Industrial waste grinder.

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