Rave Reviews for our new Vertical Auger Monster and Macho Monster Grinder at WEFTEC

JWCE was proud to launch our new Vertical Auger Monster screening system at this year’s WEFTEC in New Orleans. This all-in-one screening system fits into tight, cramped pump stations by attaching to the wall of the station, right in front of the incoming sewer line, and removes trash and debris before it can clog a sewer pump.

The Vertical Auger Monster (model AGV) uses a Muffin Monster grinder to first break up material and fecal matter so the washing system can liquefy the soft organics and wash them back into the wastewater where it belongs. The screen uses 1/4″ (6mm) circular openings to capture all of the debris, including small debris such as cigarette butts and condoms. The washing system then cleans the trash, as the rotating auger lifts it straight up to deck level, compacts it, and then drops it into a dumpster or trash can for landfill disposal. The Vertical Auger Monster is available with an optional endless bagger which completely encloses the debris – preventing any odor or vector problems.

The Vertical Auger Monster is an excellent choice for protecting sewer pumps and preventing them from clogging with rags, wipes, towels and other “flushable” type items. This compact screening system fits into sewer wet wells next to prisons, hospitals, universities, office parks and nursing homes – facilities that typically generate wastewater full of rags and debris.

Another popular exhibit at our JWCE booth was the Macho Monster demo grinder. This incredibly powerful grinder generates up to 45,000 lbs of cutter force to slice through the toughest wastewater debris. At the show, we ground up mountains of 2X4’s, shoes, belts, cans and more – much to the delight of WEFTEC attendees.

During the show, editors from Water Online stopped by for a tour of our latest inventions with Rob Sabol, JWCE’s Director of Research and Development.