Monster Industrial Business Formed

JWC Environmental has created the Monster Industrial business line to provide assist the growing number of industrial customers. The popularity of the Muffin Monster grinder has spread from the wastewater industry to the food processing, agricultural, marine, food and beverage industries and beyond.  It has been recognized

The Monster Industrial team is staffed with a dedicated team of industrial shredding professionals to match JWC’s products with the specific challenges our industrial customers are facing. JWC has a full line of industrial products including its SHRED series of hopper-fed grinders as well as its pipeline-mounted HYDRO grinders.

“We see this as the natural progression of how we serve our broad customer base,” said Greg Guard, SVP of Sales. “JWC has long been recognized by in many industrial applications as the go-to company for solids reduction and pump protection.  We are now structured to be even more focused on providing the best products and solutions.”