Major JWC Order Won from Chengdu, China for Bandscreen Monsters

Bandscreen Monster is a popular Monster solution in China because of the very high solids capture rate. Here are two Bandscreens installed at a facility in Changping.

In mid-July JWC Environmental was awarded a contract to supply nine Bandscreen Monsters for a wastewater treatment plant refurbishment project in Chengdu, China. The city of 7 million people is in Sichuan Province in China’s central region.

The Chengdu Drainage Co. Ltd. purchased the screens and provides wastewater treatment and flood control for the massive city. The refurbishment project will provide better and finer screening at the headworks of the treatment plant as well as strengthen environmental protection.

The order includes:
• 9 – Bandscreen Monsters
• 3 – Screenings Washers
“We’re honored to work with Chengdu Drainage Co. on improving the wastewater treatment system,” said Fritz Egger, Director of JWC Environmental (Hangzhou) Ltd. Co. based in China. “JWCE’s Bandscreen is popular in China and installed at several treatment facilities. It’s popular because studies have shown it has the top screenings capture rate out of all fine screens.”

The equipment consultant on the project is IVY Canada with offices in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Beijing. IVY’s specialty is for project management, support and service for high-quality, stainless steel fine screens and powerful Muffin Monster sewage grinders.

The nine Bandscreen Monsters will screen approximately 30 million gallons per day per channel (4875 m3/hr) at Chengdu’s plants #1 and #2. The screens fit in 4’ (1.2m) wide channels and reach down to a depth of 8’ (2.4m). A moving belt of perforated panels with small 1/5” (5mm) circular openings captures rags, plastics and other unwanted debris and lifts it to ground level where material is washed off the panels and into a sluice leading to a screenings washer. Each screening panel is made of ultra-high molecular weight plastic (UHMW) for a long service life in the corrosive wastewater.

The Bandscreen offers incredibly high capture rates and removes a wide variety of solids, particularly small debris, better than bar screens. Bandscreens received the highest screen capture ratings in the independent UK Water Industry Research testing of all screening devices.

Chengdu is ranked by the Economist magazine as one of the top emerging megacities in China. It is probably best known for its giant panda research center located near the city and the adjacent Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve.