TV Report: Sewage Grinder Makes the 5 o’clock News – Rescues Local Jail


JWCE was recently featured on the evening news after one of our powerful in-line sewage grinders helped save the day at a local jail. HYDRO sewage and trash grinders can also be used at hospitals, nursing homes, colleges and other institutions to put an end to pump ragging and other disruptions cause by large amounts of trash and debris in the sewage.

Jail administrators had to spend more than $20,000 in maintenance and repairs due to clogging in plumbing.  The Muffin Monster is now saving Midland County, MI from flushing money down the drain.

“It’s a lot like your garbage disposal, except this one’s able to handle sewage from 250 inmates all at the same time,” said a county administrator.  Most prisons and jails already have a Muffin Monster.  ”We chose to try new technology to save a buck here and there,” said the administrator.  ”It’s becoming expensive for me to have staff at the facilities seven days a week to clean the system out so the jail can remain operational.”

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