See The Muffin Monster’s Youngest Fan

Mason Sexton, 6 years old, the honorary ambassador of the Muffin Monster

Charles Sexton’s son Mason saw the Muffin Monster in action on Dirty Jobs and became an instant fan.  Sexton, Engineering Manager at Beaufort Jasper W&SA, quickly got a hold of his local JWCE rep, Doug Wilson of Heyward Incorporated, North Carolina to see about surprising his son with Muffin Monster gear.

“Looks like the monster wants a bite of fish,” said Sexton.  “Mason had been wanting to go fishing in the neighborhood pond.  He brought home some crickets, four crickets – four fish!”  Another success for the Muffin Monster!

To get a hold of some gear yourself, be sure to contact your local rep.  View the episode that got Mason hooked, here.