Case Study: Food Producer Reduces Waste Costs with Muffin Monster

Read how a large food producer reduced their waste costs significantly with the Muffin Monster food waste grinder.

Food Waste Grinder Creates Significant Savings in Disposal Costs and Reduces Manual Labor

HPC Foods, Ltd. in Hawaii was seeing costs in waste handling rise with no end in sight.  Being one of the largest food manufacturers and distributors in Hawaii they knew they needed a solid solution fast.  After viewing the Muffin Monster waste grinder in action online, Paul Tottori, Vice President of Maintenance and Operations decided to make the call.

The Monster became their savior.  A Muffin Monster 30005 dual-shafted grinder became their food waste grinder solution creating significant savings in disposal costs and reducing manual labor.

The installation proved to be the answer HPC Foods was looking for to help with their food waste processing system.  “We ended up with a 50% reduction in solids handling, basically cutting barrel usage from 60 per day to about 30,” explains Tottori.

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