JWC Wins Large Headworks Order for Rockaway Valley (NJ) Sewerage Authority

The Rockaway Valley Sewerage Authority recently chose JWC Environmental’s Monster Separation System for an upgrade to their wastewater treatment plant’s headworks. The Authority purifies 10-11 million gallons per day (1,500  m3/h) of wastewater from several cities in central New Jersey in order to keep local rivers and lakes clean. JWC recently received the purchase order for the system.

The order includes:

 The Authority provides wastewater treatment services for the towns of Dover, Boonton, Boonton Township, Rockaway Borough and Rockaway Township among others. The treatment facility is an oxidation ditch type system and the Chain & Rake Monster continuously raked bar screens were chosen because they quickly screen out, grind up, compact and dewater unwanted rags, trash and debris. This allows pumps and downstream systems to operate more efficiently and without clogging.
Screenings Washer Monster XE also includes a new Smart Controller and triple-zone spray wash to thoroughly clean and compact debris. The SWM removes nearly all fecal matter and can compact the cubic volume of material by up to 95%. Cleaner, more compact screenings discharge helps utilities save more money on hauling and landfill expenses.
JWC representative Robert Fenton with  GP Jager and Associates reports the project will be one of the largest installations of Chain & Rake Monsters in New Jersey and one of their largest JWC orders ever.
The consulting engineer on the project is Hatch Mott McDonald. The construction contractor is MBE Mark 3 of Madison, NJ.